About Us and Our Achievements

Simply Captivating

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. Thankfully, the all-new heated cab option on the 1R Tractor keeps you guarded from the harsh reality. Inside, where it’s roomy and warm, you can push back against winter’s bite while you enjoy the view. Because from the comfort of your new 1R cab, the world looks simply cabtivating.

Precise Ag Technology

Use your iPad to monitor, adjust, and learn from the performance of your planter or sprayer, row-by-row and nozzle-by-nozzle, as your equipment travels through the field. – See more at: https://www.deere.com/en_US/docs/html/campaigns/ag_turf/new-product-intro/new-ag-turf-farm-products.html#technology

Spraying Equipment

By using principles of applied science – a hybrid system delivering 3 times the pulsing frequency. We took it to the molecular level and built a durable, yet lightweight carbon fiber boom. We reconfigured our cab so it fits the way you work. Put these enhancements to work and you’ll cover more ground, decrease input costs and reduce damage to the soil and your crop.

Seeding Equipments

With a large 850-bushel capacity, the all-new C850 can accurately cover 170 acres per fill and seed an entire quarter section. We didn’t purposely design the C850 to be the largest cart in the market, but something even better – the most favorable balance between cart, tractor, tool size and precision ag technology. That balance means less weight, less horsepower needed, reduced compaction and even emergence.

Golf Equipments

Reel Mower uses the latest in machine technology to move large area reel mowers into the next generation of golf course maintenance. With its very productive 114-in. (289.5-cm) or 130-in. (330.2-cm) mowing width, the 8900A can maximize both productivity and cut quality, while giving the superintendent and equipment manager more control over how it performs on the course.